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Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain epub

Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain by Patricia S. Churchland

Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain

Download Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain

Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain Patricia S. Churchland ebook
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
ISBN: 9780393058321
Format: pdf
Page: 304

It would be the logical thing to do, but I worry about reaching a sufficient audience, particularly amongst pre-teen children. If anyone can help with information to do with new available treatments anywhere in the world, and who to get in touch with, it would be more than appreciated. Via The self as brain: Disturbing implications of neuroexistentialism.. But this book by the godmother of neurophilosophy, Patricia Smith Churchland, speaks to the neural underpinnings of its subtitle: The Self as Brain. Oh boy, didn't you just touch a nerve! Dec 9, 2013 - Her most recent book is Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain. A trailblazing philosophers exploration of the latest brain scienceand its ethical and practical implications. Sep 2, 2013 - There are many ways to touch a nerve, in the vernacular. Dec 8, 2012 - Would I self-publish? Mar 25, 2013 - Fantastic offer, Touching a Nerve: The Self as Brain from Brand: W. Feb 12, 2014 - Here is already a short explanation of what a tickle actually is: When we are tickled the nerve endings under our skin respond to touch by sending a signal to the brain. I've also long since hitched my wagon to publishing's star, defending the system of gatekeepers and editorial oversight that has ushered in the so-called "golden age of children's publishing." So going it alone would still feel weird to me. Jul 17, 2011 - A team of researchers — led by Gregory Bix, at Texas A&M College of Medicine, College Station — has identified a way to exploit one of the brain's self-repair mechanisms to protect nerve cells and enhance brain repair in rodent models of stroke. The spinothalmic nerve tract, which detects touch and pain, is among those sensory systems that develop at the earliest prenatal developmental stages. The authors suggest that this . Although a precise measurement of the degree of pressure exerted by these miniature footsteps is next to impossible, it is sufficient enough to trigger a sensory warning alarm, and you suddenly awaken to find yourself hunting for the potentially dangerous trespasser. Feb 25, 2014 - The team's research examines the brain's synaptic plasticity (how efficiently information is communicated between neurons) and how it can be manipulated through electrical nerve stimulation at varying frequencies. Apr 19, 2012 - NYU (US) — The brain network activated during an intense response to art overlaps with the brain network associated with inward contemplation and self-assessment. Two different parts of the brain You cannot tickle yourself because the part of your body that controls your movements, the cerebellum, registers the action of tickling before your nerve endings can send signals to your brain, therefore taking away the element of surprise.

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